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Carl Neumann

Carl Neumann

Founder & Chief Strategist

With more than 600 Million users, LinkedIn has the largest database of business professionals of any company in the world.

And the the best part is: most of this information is readily accessible, if you know how to search for it.

And, it gets even better: not only is LinkedIn the largest database of professionals that’s equipped with a powerful search function, on top of that it’s also a networking tool.

So, if your target market is on LinkedIn, you can find them, and systematically connect with them to build a relationship, and ultimately to win them as clients for your business.

My name is Carl Neumann, and I’m the founder of Blu Dot Media, a LinkedIn lead generation agency.

We help our clients grow their business by leveraging LinkedIn to get a steady stream of B2B leads, prospects, and sales – week after week, month after month.

Our Approach

At Blu Dot Media our customized LinkedIn campaigns are data-driven to generate the highest ROI possible, and consistently generate a strong increase in leads, prospects, and sales for our clients.

To accomplish this, we perform an in-depth analysis of your current market position and then use this to design a LinkedIn lead generation campaign that will drive a steady flow of ideal leads to your sales funnel.

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We are digital marketing agency specialized in LinkedIn lead generation services for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and SMEs.


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