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Carl Neumann

Carl Neumann

Founder & Lead SEO

At Bludot Media, we take immense pride in being your go-to SEO partner for increasing visibility, traffic, and sales from organic search. Backed by years of testing and extensive industry experience, we have perfected the science of creating SEO strategies that massively grow your sales, enabling your brand to reach new levels of online growth.

We are also experts in bolstering trust signals for Google. Our team will ensure your web presence sends those critical credibility indicators that demonstrate to Google—and your potential clients—that you’re an authority figure in your industry.

We understand just how important local SEO is for business competitiveness. As such, through our Local SEO services, we don’t just aim to put you on the map—we ensure you’re standing tall right there at the top. We harmonize and optimize your Google business profile with local search elements on your site so that local customers find you quickly and more often.

Creating content is just one part of the puzzle; knowing how to use it effectively for SEO is another – that’s where our comprehensive content strategy comes in. We cover everything from keyword research to topical map creation, content brief setup to actual content writing, thus adding extra thrust to your SEO growth strategy.

Link-building is crucial for your site’s SEO success, and we at Bludot understand its delicate nature. We build white-hat links that enhance Google’s trust in your site without jeopardizing your long-term SEO success.

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